Широкий спектр специалистов,
    в том числе современное
    физиотерапевтическое отделение
    Функциональная и ультразвуковая диагностика
    Рентгенкабинет и кабинет эндоскопии
    Клинико-диагностическая лаборатория
    Комплексное лечение
    Дополнительные обследования
    Консультации специалистов
    Кардиологическое отделение
    Терапевтическое отделение
    Неврологическое отделение
    Помощь женщинам в период беременности
    Врачебная поддержка в послеродовый период
    Гинекологическая помощь

Medical Tourism/Медицинский туризм

GBUZ CC "Petropavlovsk-Kamchatka City Hospital No. 1"
Doctors GBUZ KK "Petropavlovsk-Kamchatka city hospital number 1" have the first and highest qualification categories
The institution operates:

Cardiology Department
Therapeutic department
Hospital Admission Office

Drug Dispensing Point

Therapeutic department of the clinic
Women's consultation

• Infectious diseases cabinet
• Cardiology room
• Neurological room
• Otolaryngological cabinet
• Ophthalmic cabinet
• Surgical room
• Dental office
• Urological room
• Endocrinology cabinet
• Medical prevention cabinet
• Trauma cabinet
• Endocrinology cabinet
• Procedural
• Cabinet of medical examination and preventive examinations
Diagnostic rooms
• Clinical diagnostic laboratory
• X-ray diagnostic room
• Fluorography office
• Cabinet of functional diagnostics
• Ultrasound cabinet
• Endoscopy cabinet
Physiotherapy Department
• Physiotherapy room
• Massage and exercise therapy room

The institution employs more than 200 employees, while the trust of patients is manifested not only in respect to doctors of the highest category, but also in young talented specialists and in the nursing staff.

fruitfully collaborates with leading medical institutions of the Kamchatka Territory, participating in the implementation of national projects and developing prevention as one of the most important areas of the Russian healthcare system.

For all questions you are interested in, contact
by phone +7 (4152) -42-21-08 or by email: kam-bolnica1@mail.ru